How it Works

NMCTL 2019 membership for June to December is $35.  The Membership Fees is due before you play the first circuit you sign-up for. This ORGANIZATION pays you to compete within your rating level. All members will receive an I.D. Card, that indicates the level of play, City, and State. For a ONE year  $65 Membership, You will be placed in a raffle for prizes throughout the year , and receive a T Shirt.  Also, you are required to pay for 3 the circuits that you decide to play, which is $ 70. That would amount to about $ 8. per week.  Find the partner you want to play with for Doubles and Mixed Doubles events. You are allowed to change partners ONCE every 3rd Circuit through the year.  Call your opponents to play your matches wherever it is convenient for all.  Please adhere to the rules of the competition. AGE groups are accommodated from  21 to 35 , and  36 to 45 ,  46 to 55, 56 to 65.   Teaching Pros and Team leaders  and Player Participants are welcome  to become an AFFILIATE  from Cities across the country and Benefit and be Compensated well  by engaging in running Tournaments at their Clubs and Parks and Recreations for the NMCTL .  This is the format we  are using to help expand Membership and Participation in at least 32  Cities  before the the end of Spring 2020 .  City Travel Teams will be sponsored and each Caliber will represent their City. So spread the word.

Call  ( 727) 520 – 5694  or  ( 727 ) 520 – 2308 to find out how you can benefit from being an Affiliate of  NMCTL .

1) Play within your rating! NMCTL uses stringent guidelines for ALL players. It is a ‘POOL‘ draw. There will be 4 players in each group and will be 3 matches per Circuit  ( 3 weeks ) and expand to 16 groups in each Caliber. Every time a new circuit starts , players will be different . You probably will NOT  play a particular player more than ONCE a year in your Caliber.  Player Calibers range from 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 and 5.0.  Doubles and Mixed Doubles rate from 6.0, 7.0, 8.0, 9.0 and 10.0 combinations.  Circuit draws are limited to 64 players per Caliber.

2) Call your opponents in your ‘POOL DRAW‘ in your City who are to play against : usually within your zip code) and arrange to play on the designated day or play within one day before or one day after. If you forfeit a match, you do not get points for that match, but move to the next step as a lost match  and NO points. The POOL  DRAWS will be on  NMCTL  site for all caliber events in Cities that are Participating .

3) All scores per match are to be recognized as final when played.  Matches are ALL  to be  ‘No – AD games.  Tie breaker at 5 games all. Send correct scores or let your local  NMCTL  AFFILIATE  or Pro.  Keep a record of your Draw so that you can compare with the panel if need be.

4) All members are required to call in and report any rating grievances of Players that are not in their rating .  NMCTL will decide whether players are disqualified from playing in the league henceforth. A three-person panel or AFFILIATED Professional  in each city will be given complete authority to report the validity of the grievances about players. We have sponsors who are actively offering their support to make this league a success. Some may be from your state.

5) Should you be disqualified during any event, you will forfeit your membership and entry fee. No refunds will be offered since membership and entry fees are used to pay for your I.D.Card, Prizes, Raffles and Team Travel when city to city matches are played. So take advantage of the opportunity that is offered by the NMCTL and be READY to TRAVEL . Talk to you LOCAL affiliate to be included on Travel Team.


  1. 2019  Membership is $ 35.00. June to December .  Enter Circuit Group you wish to play. 
  2. CIRCUIT entry fees are due 2 weeks before deadline.$ 70 for 3 Circuits .( Get 20 Bonus points.)
  3. To receive payment you have to earn points from each circuit that you play. Each match earns more points as you go win or lose .
  4.  Keep record of all matches and scores. They mean Prizes and money.
  5. Payments are made through Regions Bank. All members will receive a Debit GIFT Card ( $$ ) from Regions when payment is due.

Fill out all the  required  information   2 WEEKS  before your entry DEADLINE  for the circuits you intend to play. Find the partner you desire for your mixed and doubles events and enter before the circuit deadlines. Check all Circuit dates and DEADLINES. You can Play in ONE or ALL 3 events.       BELOW  IS  THE  POOL  DRAW .   ALL  MATCHES  ARE  SET  UP  FOR  PLAY  EVERY WEEK.

Thank you and play well.

      INSTRUCTIONS  OF  PLAY    Call your opponents to schedule times of play.

    Week  ( 1 )   1  plays   2   and   3  plays  4  , Week  (2 )  1  plays  3   and   2  plays  4  , Week  (3 )    plays  1  and plays  3   = ONE  Circuit

  Every CIRCUIT will  have a NEW DRAW  so you play a new player every week.  Each win is 12 Points. Each Loss is 8 Points.Total 120 Points wins $ 300 (if you pay the Yearly $ 65  , you get $ 600 ) Points accumulate through the year and could Double $$.
Download pool draw