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Rhonda Nevers

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Shri Anandan

The National Multi City League is in remembrance of Andrea D Nevers Anandan. Her parents Shri H Anandan and Rhonda L Nevers have dedicated this organization to her. Andrea passed away in Aug 2017 at the age of 28, after a 13-year bout with cancer. Andrea had always aspired to be a Professional Tennis Player. May she rest in Peace and Comfort. The NMCTL is an Organization which is designed by Shri Anandan for the benefit of its members who participate in it. It has been organized to function very simply and to also make sure that its members benefit by receiving prizes and gifts that are provided by the sponsors of NMCTL.

Shri H Anandan is a highly trained Tennis Teacher and Coach and also played College Tennis at Southern Method University in Dallas as well as Hampton University in Virginia in the early 1970s. He is a Protege of Arthur Ashe and Stan Smith who was instrumental in enabling his career at these Colleges. After College Shri played a short stint of 6 years on the various men’s Circuit and traveled to 32 States and numerous countries. He also taught and coached tennis in these countries after he quit competing and used his travel and people skills to help anyone in whatever position their life and tennis were headed. He also was under the tutelage of the great Harry Hopman and Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academies. One of his forte’s is to help Tennis clubs and Businesses revamp programs and make them successful for the long hall.

The success of the NMCTL is the participation of players of every caliber and its competitive way it is structured. The ability to win prizes and money when one plays in this league is ”UNIQUE’ in its OWN special way. Make this your ‘Get Paid to Play’ league.!